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Q: I hope I am the only person ever with this problem, and I am hoping you can help with some good ideas. I used to be an avid cyclist before a surgery had me removed from bicycles for a few years during recuperation. After surgery I was allowed to cycle on a recumbent trike. It was okay but lacked the fun and freedom of a bicycle. When I was released to ride bicycles again, I got on and wondered, “Who replaced my comfortable saddle with a torture device?” In the past I had happily ridden this bike and saddle combo for literally days on end and over 100 miles at a time while playing and prepping for races. I knew I would be out of shape, but did not expect the severe saddle soreness. I could barely stand to ride one block (one side, not around). I think that this saddle should fit my perch bones and be comfortable, as they shouldn’t have changed over time. How do I start so that I can get back in the saddle?

Thanks for any advice.

Ben Lukacek
Via e-mail

A: Sorry to hear about your saddle problems, Ben. We’re not doctors, nor do we pretend to be, so we can’t tell you if your sit bones have changed locations or not. What we can suggest is that you head to your local bike shop and ask if they have a saddle demo program. Many shops will offer demo saddles for you to try before you buy. A new pair of bibs or a fresh chamois could also be a solution to your saddle woes. Hope this helps!

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