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Viathon M.1

Q: Have you guys completely abandoned XC bikes? I’m in the market for a full-suspension XC bike, and occasionally you’ll throw out teasers with a mention of a bike. Every month is an enduro bike-fest. It would be awesome if you could devote a month to XC bikes. All those articles about NICA but no tests for them? I always have to read about the pros and cons of e-bikes but no XC bikes. C’mon, throw a bone to the handful of riders who don’t want to “send it.”

Don Franklin
Apple Valley, California

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A: We have to admit that we have favored the enduro bike market since those bikes tend to be so much fun on our local trails. With that said, we still enjoy riding cross-country bikes and have plans to test more of them in the future. In fact, one of our editors is even signed up to race the Grand Junction Off-Road presented by Epic Rides. We have a few XC race machines on order as well, so stay tuned for some gram-counting, Lycra-wearing action.


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