Ask MBAction: Best $1500 Trailbike?

Question: I am a 5ft 8in. female currently riding a men’s Trek 6700 hardtail. I would like to get a full-suspension bike with a more comfortable riding position than my Trek. I’m a recreational rider who is still considered a beginner rider and my weakness is climbing. I ride the trails in Oregon. Do you have any suggestions for a full suspension in $1000-2000 price range more towards the $1000.00 price than $2000.00 that would be good for riding in Oregon. -Kelly M.

Three recommendations pop into our heads and they are all in the price neighborhood you are riding in.

First choice: Specialized Camber Comp at $1600. We are spending time on this bike right now and all of us are impressed with everything this bike does. Good luck finding a bike that delivers more performance at this price. Fit wise, Specialized sizing should work very well for you.

Second choice: The $1400 Gaint Trance X4 is another bike you just can’t go wrong with. It does everything you need a trailbike to do including taking you from “beginner” to “sport” in no time at all. The Specialized has a slight advantage on the climbs, but we are splitting hairs. It would be a close race.

Third choice: The $1700 KHS XC604 is priced closer to the top of your budget than the others but KHS has always delivered a lot of bike for the buck. This bike should also stand up to the nasty conditions that you sometimes ride in up there in Oregon. If you have a KHS shop near you, check out the XC604 before you make a final decision.

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