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The original Hite-Rite. Photo courtesy: Joe Breeze


I’ve seen a few dropper posts on the market that are over 170mm long. Who even needs that much travel? I’m currently running a 125mm post on my size-large frame without any issues. Could you tell me why I might need more drop?

Lance Chesterfield
San Diego, California

Rockshox Reverb AXS Dropper Seatpost


Reliable and easy-to-operate dropper posts have changed the way we ride our bikes. Sure, there were products like the Hite-Rite in 1984 and other dropper posts that hit the market along the way, but it wasn’t until the last eight to 10 years that the dropper post became a must-have item when purchasing a new bike. Today, these posts are longer than ever before and can offer as much as 210mm of travel.

Many companies have begun spec’ing dropper-post lengths that vary according to frame size. There’s nothing wrong with a long-travel post, as you don’t have to use all of the drop, but a post that is too long will create issues. If you’re comfortable with the amount of drop you have, then run it as is. If you’d like to experience more drop, be sure to measure your saddle height and confirm the new post isn’t too long.

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