Ask MBAction: Feeling Pressured


Marlin 6 red_blackTrek Marlin 6


I am just getting back into mountain biking again after a long break. My original mountain bike was a Trek 800 that I modified to ride in Big Bear, California. Now I have a Trek Marlin 6, and I added a RockShox air shock. With the added suspension on modern bikes, how does tire pressure come into play? With a 29-inch tire, 2.5-inch front and 2-inch rear, what should I run as tire pressure?

Thanks for any help.

Paul Ragland


That’s a great question, and the answer will vary based on a few factors, including rider weight, location and whether or not you’re running tubeless. Considering you’re running tubeless wheels and tires, and since we’re familiar with the location where you’re riding, we suggest running around 23–25 psi in your front tire and around 25–27 in back. For tires with tubes, we suggest…

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