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Emily Batty getting organized.


I know this sounds silly, but I almost always forget something when I go for a ride. It was my helmet one week, my shoes another and last week I forgot one glove. I’m a mess, guys. Do you have any test riders that can’t seem to get it together, and if so, could you tell me the secret for making sure I have everything I need.

Michael Fisher
Lavergne, Tennessee

Tip of the Day - packing for all-day rides with numbersPacking For All-Day Rides


Don’t worry, you’re not alone here. We would even make a bet that every rider at some point or another forgot something important on their way to the trail. Depending on how much reminding you may need, we have a few tips. Try using a dedicated gear bag for all your cycling equipment. This could be an inexpensive duffel bag or a fancy cycling-specific bag from one of your favorite gear companies. As an added trick, try stuffing extra clean gear in your bag to ensure you have more than you need.

The night before a ride, pack your bag and then just grab the one item and, of course, your bike first thing in the morning. Another handy trick could be hanging a checklist next to your gear so you can visually run through everything you need. Last, try combining your gear into one organized area. That way you’re not running around the house or garage looking for gear. If you think a gear bag will work for you, check out some of the options from Ogio or Fly Racing.

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