Ask MBAction: In Need of Tubeless Tips


Q: After years of running tubes, I’ve decided to go tubeless. I purchased tubeless-ready valves and, according to my local bike shop, my rims already have tubeless tape. I also went ahead and bought Orange Seal tubeless tire sealant, since I’ve read from multiple sources that it’s the best for sealing holes and is said to last the longest. I guess my questions for Mountain Bike Action are whether or not I purchased a quality tire sealant and if you have any helpful tips for converting my wheels to tubeless.

Ken Robinson
Bend Oregon

A: Thanks for writing in, Ken. We’ll start by saying you are making a great choice going tubeless. First of all, tubeless tires allow riders to run less pressure, resulting in a smoother ride; and, if you happen to get a small cut, tear or thorn in your tire, it’s likely the sealant will fix the hole. Now, moving on to the sealant type, we think you also made a great decision going with Orange Seal. We have had great luck with it. Other options that have worked well for us are TruckerCo’s Cream and Stan’s NoTubes sealant.

When you get ready to set up your tires, make sure to have a rag or towel on hand. Trust us, the first time we set up tubeless tires, we made a mess in our garage. Another thing we would have handy is an air compressor. While we can occasionally get our tires to seat with a hand pump, an air compressor is a sure-fire way to get the tire to pop onto the bead. Some random tips that have helped us in the past are to rotate the tire around before adding air to help get the sealant around the bead of the tire. Make sure not to exceed your max air pressure rating and follow the instructions when figuring out how much sealant to put in your tire. It will likely be somewhere between 2 and 4 fluid ounces. Good luck! We hope your tubeless setup delivers the performance you’re looking for.


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