Ask MBAction: Plug Vs. Tube


Q: I just saw your article in the November issue about tire plugs, and it makes me wonder whether I should ride with a spare tube or carry a tire plug kit. What does the MBA Wrecking Crew carry?

Heather Grace
Park City, Utah

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A: Tire plugs are a great option for quickly plugging holes in a tubeless tire, but they’re not guaranteed to work every time. Meanwhile, a tube, unless pinched during install, is the best option for fixing a flat. The Wrecking Crew will often carry a tube—or strap one to their bikes—and depending on the ride length, they will bring CO2 cartridges or a hand pump to ensure they will be able to get back to the trailhead. Some of our brave test riders will ride with just a tire plug and a CO2, but we recommend carrying both a tube and a plug.

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