Ask MBAction: Shooting Like The Pros


a 28–105mm lens on my camera. If you want to zoom in tighter on the action to make riders fill the frame, you might want to consider a 70–200mm, a 70–300mm or a 100–400mm zoom. Nikon, Sigma and Tamron all make good lenses, according to one of my colleagues who shoots with Nikon equipment all the time. You might have to shop around for used gear to fit your budget, though. The 70–200mm zoom is probably the most popular lens with the top mountain bike photographers.

One of the top photographers in the world once said, “If your photos are boring, get closer.” It’s good advice. You might want to try doing that before you invest in a new lens. If you’re intent on buying something, shop around a bit and see if you can try some lenses on your own camera at a camera store before you make your choice. Some companies let you rent lenses before you buy them, which might be a good option for you. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

John Ker
Mountain Bike Action Photographer

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