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Q: I discovered MBA after being a long time fan of Motocross Action Magazine. Both magazines are awesome, and I’m always thrilled to get each month’s issues in the mail. Speaking of issues, I have one of my own. I’m hoping MBA can enlighten me on this topic. I often use a pressure washer on my dirt bike after a day at the track, but my mountain bike friends tell me I shouldn’t touch my bicycle with a high-powered washer. I see World Cup mechanics using them to wash riders’ bikes. If I’m careful with where I spray, then I can’t see it being an issue. What’s your two cents?

Moe Toarboat
Clearwater, Florida

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Important Tip: Scrub behind the crank and in the suspension bearings quickly. It’s better not to spend too much time here, as you don’t want to introduce too much degreaser and water to the bearings—just knock the dirt off.

A: Generally, it’s not a great idea to use a pressure washer on your mountain bike unless you can turn the pressure way down and you are extremely careful around your bearings and pivot points. World Cup mechanics tear down bikes frequently and often need to wash them in a hurry. For that reason, these bikes are washed with a pressure washer. For your personal bike, we would recommend using a regular hose to prevent the chance of displacing lubricants. Next time you have to clean up your ride, leave the pressure washer behind.

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