Ask MBAction: What do you use to loosen the ring nut on the valve stem?

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Tip-1 Not all tubeless valves are created the same, even if they claim to be “universal.” Some have rounded or conical shapes, while others are more square. Choose one that fits nicely with the inner profile of your rims, and if one doesn’t work, try another. We’ve found the conical ones are typically the most reliable for the widest range of rim shapes.

Q: In your April issue of “The Trail Starts Here,” steps six and seven showed what to take with you on a ride.

What do you use to loosen the ring nut on the valve stem? This nut is torqued down so it will not leak air, and my old fingers can’t undo it, making it hard to put the spare tube in. I also found out that if your spare tube’s valve stem is too short because of the rim tape or rim depth, you need a screw-on inflation device and/or a valve extender. I am asking this because I learned the hard way.

I am 68 and have been reading your magazine for 15 years.

Keep up the good work; and, at my age, your coverage of e-bikes is very much welcomed.

Michael Surrency
Atlanta, GA

Nutcracker tool from Ryder Innovation

A: You bring up a great point. Sometimes the nut on the valve stem can be quite tricky to break loose. The best thing to do is either pack a small pair of pilers or purchase something like the Nutcracker tool from Ryder Innovation. This handy little tool can be used to remove that pesky valve stem nut.

 Your last option would be to use a plug kit for your tire’s puncture. Using a plug would eliminate the need to re-move the valve stem nut all together. This, of course, is assuming you’re running a tubeless setup.

Tip 2-If you’re having leaking problems from the valve, it’s okay to tighten the valve nut. This will pull the valve in and could solve the leaking issue. However, don’t forget that if you do flat on the trail, you may still have to install a tube to get home. Don’t over-tighten any valve to the point where you can’t remove it for a trailside fix.

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