ASK MBACTION: Where’s it made & Going Flat


Q: I am running flats and have been for a while. I ran clipless before, but never could get a good feel for them. The problem that I always seem to have is moving my right foot around on the pedal. My left I can keep planted well. Is this something you have had issues with? I am running wide flats because I have big feet. I am wearing Five Ten shoes also.
—Ty, asking for help staying put

A: Well, your choice of equipment, with Five Ten sticky rubber shoes and wide flat pedals, sounds good. We can’t offer much advice on that front. We would probably first look at your riding position to see why you’re having issues with one side and not the other. Every rider has a “chocolate foot,” one that he typically rides with in the forward position and is most comfortable with; however, that doesn’t mean all your weight should be placed on that foot. Your weight might be distributed unequally, which could be causing your problem.

If that’s not it, we recommend trying a new pair of pedals with longer pins. If it’s only a matter of finding more traction on your flats, that could be the solution. If all else fails, try practicing more. There’s no reason for any rider to have to rely on clips; however, riding flats requires more skill and finesse to alleviate the issues you’re dealing with. If you can’t find an equipment solution to your problem, then only patience and practice will help.


Q: After considering my price point ($1500), I started shopping about and stumbled across a manufacturer I’ve
never heard of. I would like to receive your professional opinion. From what I can tell, Beiou bikes is out of China and just hitting the European market. It seems to be gaining some traction. I just don’t know if the risk is worth the reward with an unproven platform. I found this bike on Amazon after doing a general search for full-suspension carbon bikes, and, with it meeting my budget, I thought I’d take a look. Your words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.

—Keith, who wants to save a buck

A: We can’t say for sure that this bike will work well, as we haven’t tested it. That said, though, we also know that there are a ton of solid bike brands out there that are not well known. If you decide to go this route, know that the components on this thing are very off the beaten path and likely won’t have very solid shop support. It’s pretty easy to have your Fox or RockShox suspension parts serviced just about anywhere; however, the Air Hyper DNM AO-22 shock and UDING DH2 fork on this bike will probably be pretty tough to find parts for. In fact, almost every part on this bike’s spec chart includes a company name we have never heard of.

We’re not saying it can’t be a good bike, but we’re certainly not going to recommend a bike that we’ve never tested that’s loaded with parts we’ve never heard of. For the price, there are many other options that we would recommend first.

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