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My buddy and I are turning fifty this June. We are considering a weeklong mountain biking vacation for guys our age who are still pushing their limits. We live in Colorado on the Front Range, where Fruita, Moab, Crested Butte, and Monarch Crest are all staples. We are interested in your advice. Where might two atrophying old guys in good shape find a good time in their own hemisphere (funds are limited)?
–Charlie, who refuses to slow down
Mountain Bike Action: We have the perfect idea. You didn’t mention Gooseberry Mesa and Little Creek outside of Hurricane, Utah. That should be the first stop of this bucket-list trip. You could even hit Moab on your way, but you say you have that one covered. June can be a little risky, because it starts getting hot, so be ready to hit the trail early in the morning if the temps are high. You can get more information on the Goose and Little Creek from Over The Edge Sports in Hurricane, Utah, click here.
    Hey, we are not done yet. That’s only part one of your trip. After the Hurricane days, truck your tired and happy legs up to Park City, Utah, for a totally different type of riding. Goose is like riding on the moon, and Park is like a singletrack wonderland. Your June dates should work, but you never know. Park City got record snowfall last year and many of the trails were not ridable until the summer. White Pine Touring, click here, is the go-to place to get information. Also, if you have a extra few bucks, stay at Treasure Mountain Inn, click here, on Main Street in Park City. The owners are mountain bikers and you will be in the heart of the town’s action. One last thing–can we join you?

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