August 2015

On the cover: Trek’s new Slash 9.8 Carbon steals the center stage, and Niner’s ROS 9 and GT’s Sanction Project Bike fill out the mix. Photos by John “which one can we ride first” Ker.


Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon
Carbon copy of an enduro favorite
Niner ROS 9
Steel is real, baby!
GT Sanction
Our custom-built project bike hits the racecourse
Salsa Horsethief 29er
Testing a spicy cross-country trailbike
Scott Voltage FR 710
Bringing the electricity to the bike park


SKS Mini-Pump Shootout
How much air do you really need?
Met Veleno Helmet
For cool riders in the hottest conditions
Fox Kabolt Axle
The simplest solutions are usually the best
Park AK-40 Advanced Mechanic Toolkit
Home maintenance made easy
Sidi Cape Shoes
Italian-made comfort for the trail rider or racer


Why Bike Standards Change
And don’t expect it to stop any time soon!
Sea Otter’s Hottest New Bikes
Check out what you’ll be riding next year
Sea Otter’s Newest Flash-Bang Components
Hard and soft parts to hit the trails with
Tricks to Make Your Bike Last Longer
No need to replace the whole kit and caboodle
Ten Trends That Are Shaping the Mountain Bike World
The MBA crew’s two cents
On the Road With Bearclaw and Schley
A day in the life of two freeride legends


Meet the Riders and Their Rides
World champion Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark
Garage Files
How to use digital tools to improve your riding


For What It’s Wirth
The times, they are a-changin’
Hard Tales
Throwin’ down with WTB
Deep thoughts and commentary from the loyal readers
Trail Mix
Just for the fun of it, 34 “Ask MBA” great deals and how to pick a new bike
What to do with an old frame, and bargain hunting for trailbikes
How to Subscribe
Come and get ’em while they’re hot
Quick Releases
Cool new products on parade
Down the Trail
John Tomac’s secret suspension race bike


Springtime Racing at Laguna Seca
The world’s fastest racers descend on NorCal