August 2016 Issue Contents

Ellsworth’s Epiphany 27+, Kona’s Hei Hei DL Race, Orbea’s Occam and Devinci’s Django are all very drool-worthy. Photos by John “Forgot to take the lens cap off” Ker.

38    Ellsworth Epiphany 27.5+
Big tires meet California engineering

56    Orbea Occam AM M10
A seriously aggressive bike from Spain

80    Kona Hei Hei DL Race
Fastest ever version of a Kona classic

108    Devinci Django
The “D” is silent for this short-travel, big-attitude 29er

44    Fox 32 Factory Step-Cast Fork
A light and fresh take on cross-country riding

62    Topeak JoeBlow Booster Pump
Stubborn tubeless tires beware

64    Five Ten Sam Hill 3 Shoes
The Air Jordans of mountain biking

78    Shimano’s XT Electronic Group
Finally, electronic shifting is affordable

92    Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II Pro Torque Wrench
The Yoda of your toolbox

46    Chasing Summer in Bali With Gully and Ferry
Riding Southeast Asia’s best trails

66    Sea Otter’s Parade of Products
The best gear you won’t be able to buy till next year

86    SRAM’s Rear-Shock Revolution
Could this new system change suspension forever?

94    Norco’s NorCal Adventure
Riding Canadian-style on Norco’s new whips

104    Michelin’s New Rubber
Tested on Santa Cruz’s finest black-dirt trails

118    The Garage Files
Improve your shifting for less than 10 bucks

114    Inside the Pros’ Bikes
Chloe Woodruff’s Pivot Mach 429SL

124    Sea Otter’s Racing Action
Season kickoff from the historic Laguna Seca Raceway

16    For What It’s Wirth
Your bike costs how much?

20    Hard Tales
Prepping for the Olympics, and how to pull a “rodeo” to impress your buddies

64    Trailgrams
Splitting hairs and calling us out…again

30    Trail Mix
Riders doing what they do best

34    Ask MBA
Where should I ride and why?

98    How to Subscribe
So many ways to get MBA

130    Quick Releases
All the sweet new products you didn’t even know you needed

136    Down the Trail
Big suspension forks that paved the way

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