August’s Rider Photos Have Gone To The Dogs

We all have stories of being chased by a dog while out on a ride. It is a drag that such a small number of ankle bitters have to ruin it for all the great dogs out there. This month, Trail Mix’s focus is on the four-legged friends who only chase mountain bikers to keep up with them–not to attack them.

Russel Willis
Scott Valley Bikes & Sporting Goods
Fort Jones, California

Bob Ward

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dan Blair
Hemet, California

Mika Schick
London, England

Maurice Ruibal
Santiago, Chile

Joshua Mejia
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rosamond, California

Andrew O’Neal
Loma Linda, California

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Mountain Bike Action Magazine’s monthly Trailmix column features our favorite photos sent to us by riders like you from all over the globe. The photos here appeared in our July 2012 issue. Want to get in on the fun? Here is how to do it.:
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