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Gabriel Wibmer Joins Canyon

Munich,  January 2021 – The new year marks the start of a new journey for Gabriel Wibmer who has made the switch to Canyon bikes. The 18-year-old from East Tyrol is stoked to be able to place all of his various bike needs under the roof of one brand. As his followers know,  the trials […]

Flashback Friday

The town of Ellijay, Georgia, was so beautiful and the trails were so good that we still dream about going back there again.

Flashback Friday: MBA, January ’91, Canondale’s First Suspension Bike

Cannondale showed us this bike, their first with rear suspension, at the UCI World Championships in 1990.  Notice that the bike didn’t have front suspension yet, so we can’t call it a full-suspension bike. Paul Turner had recently started making Rock Shox suspension forks in 1990, but Cannondale must have decided to stay with a […]

Can Drinking Beet Juice Improve Your Endurance?

We get a lot of emails about a variety of things. One that we received recently was a message touting the benefits of beet juice. It was from a company that sold a beet-juice supplement, and the company claimed that drinking beet juice lowered a person’s blood pressure and increased one’s endurance, which could be […]

Eliot Jackson Shares His Thoughts On Joining the Santa Cruz Team

  Eliot Jackson used Instagram to share the news about his joining the Santa Cruz Team. He had recently announced that he was leaving Giant, but it was only this weekend that he revealed where he was going. It sounds like he has a great and long-standing relationship with the people at Santa Cruz, including […]


Loris Vergier, the French downhill star,  revealed on January 1, 2021, that he will be riding for Trek in 2021. Here’s what he shared on his Instagram page: Trek shared this image of Vergier on their Instagram page. We took a ruler to measure the relative diameters of the two tires in the photo below, […]

Rear Derailleur Shootout, MBA, November, 1986

In looking over our second issue of MBA, dated November 1986,  we came upon this shootout of five rear derailleurs from almost 35 years ago. The article was written by future MBA editor Richard Cunningham, who was still making a living designing and building bikes under his own Mantis label back then. If you zoom […]

A Tribute to Roy Wallack from His Son

Well-known mountain bike journalist, competitor and author Roy M. Wallack died following a crash on his mountain bike this past Saturday. His son, Joey, shared a tribute to his dad with some memories of their life and travels together: Joey (left) and his dad, the late Roy Wallack. (Photo courtesy Joey Wallack) “To many, my […]

Mountain Bike Action Test Rider Talks About His Wild Ride on COVID-19, Getting So Sick He Thought He Might Die (Updated from April 10, 2020)

“I actually thought I had the regular flu for the first four days I was sick—fairly mild symptoms, very low fever, etc. But then on the fifth day it really took off! I was alternating between very high fever and chills like I’ve never experienced before. I’m talking about being-under-thick- blankets-for-a-couple-hours-before-I-stopped-shivering kind of chills. This was also accompanied by aches all the way to my bones. It sounds odd, but my bones and joints hurt.”

Roy Wallack’s Last Ride

Mountain bike journalist and author Roy Wallack died Saturday following a crash on his bike at Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County, California. The cause of Roy’s death has not been revealed yet, as this is being written, but his friend Andy Petranek, who was with him on the ride, has speculated that Roy […]

Roy Wallack’s Mountain Bike Crash and Death: How It Happened

“We did our best to try to piece together what MIGHT have happened. There was no evidence on that section of the trail of any bump, rock, rut, gully, root, or anything… that would have knocked Roy off his bike to leave him in the state or position in which we found him – especially for a rider with the skill and experience Roy had.
One thing we speculated… that Roy, perhaps, had some sort of cardiac event before crashing that actually caused the crash. But this is total speculation… in all honesty, we have absolutely no idea what really happened – and might not ever . . . . ” —Andy Petranek

More Info on the $160,000 Specialized Headquarters Bike Burglary

  Above: Christoph Sauser’s 2008 World Championship-winning S-Works Epic was one of the 18 bikes stolen in the daylight burglary last Sunday. The total value of the bikes was estimated at $160,000 in the official police report. The thieves who burglarized the Specialized headquarters on Sunday, Dec. 13th, did so by breaking through a window […]