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John Ker

Photo of the Day: Epic Riding in Crested Butte

Mountain Bike Action editor Jimmy Mac samples the Snodgrass Trail in Crested Butte, Colorado, in 2010. If you’re anywhere near Crested Butte this weekend, be sure to stop by and check out the annual Crested Butte Bike Festival, which is finishing up this weekend. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Melissa Buhl

This is just to prove that we haven’t forgotten about Melissa Buhl yet. “Buhly” headed off to medical school a couple of years ago after years of successful racing, winning titles in downhill, dual slalom and four-cross—including one World Championship. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Shootout Time

(From left) Cody Phillips, Sean McCoy, Mike Wirth, Scott McClave and Jimmy ONeal tear into a rocky trail near Thousand Oaks, California, for a Mountain Bike Action bike shootout in 2011.

Photo of the Day: Coming Next Saturday

Crested Butte Bike Week returns to Crested Butte, Colorado, this coming Thursday. One of the highlights of the event is the Chainless World Championship, a seven-mile long downhill race scheduled for next Saturday, June 28th.  The race is a costume party on wheels. It starts at Kebler Pass (shown here) and finishes in downtown Crested Butte kicking off […]

Photo of the Day: Lake Castaic, California

Francisco Vidal powers out of the lower valley in last Thursday's Over the Hump race at Lake Castaic, California. The racing continues this Thursday, then takes a break until July 24, when it starts up again for four more Thursday afternoon races, with the series finale the following Friday. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Crested Butte Bike Week

The Chainless Downhill is one of the highlights of Crested Butte Bike Week, the world's oldest mountain bike festival. In this race, riders compete to see who can wear the most outrageous costume, ride the most unusual bike, or set the fastest time riding down the 7-mile-long road into downtown Crested Butte. Things can get a little wild [...]

Photo of the Day: 26 vs 29, Simi Valley

We staged our first 26 vs. 29 shootout between two similar aluminum-framed  hardtail Cannondales. The story (you can read it here) still generates a great deal of interest in the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two wheel sizes. Our next  wheel shootout (you can read that one by clicking here), includes the 27.5-inch size.  Photo: […]

Photo of the Day: Freestyle Mountain Biking by Danny Lupold

Danny Lupold took second in the men's pro cross-country class last week at Lake Castaic. After he did that, he gave a little demonstration of his freestyle abilies on a mountain bike. He was a freestyle pro when he was a teenager, and he can still do a lot of the tricks on his mountain [...]