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John Ker

Photo of the Day: Hans Rey in the Alps Again

“I was riding this trail with Hans Rey (in the lead here), Sven Martin, Bryn Atkinson (in second in this shot) and some other guys in the alps in Northern Italy several years ago. Sven and I would both stop and shoot photos every few minutes because the trail was so spectacular. We had started at the […]

Photo of the Day: Guess Where This Is

Jeff Lenosky drops into a leafy trail in Highbridge Park, in northern Manhattan. Yes, that Manhattan. The park offers a fun, IMBA-designed trail loop for mountain bikers in New York City. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Top of the Climb

 The crowd squeezes in to watch the action at the top of the biggest climb at the Cross-Country National Championships in Macungie, Pennsylvania, last summer. According to the official results, the rider is Mike Montalbano. Can’t say that we know him, but he races in the pro ranks and was rocking a low number, so he must […]

Photo of the Day: Leaning Into a Corner

If you want to work on your cornering style, you could do a whole lot worse than copying the form of Kevin Viggers (shown here): Elbows bent, bike leaned over, outside leg extended  to bottom of pedal stroke with the inside pedal high, front wheel in line with the back wheel (notice there’s no turning of the […]

Photo of the Day: Riding Buddies

 Kevin Viggers lays his bike into a high-speed turn while buddy Craig Sanders lays chase. The two have been riding together since they were kids and are two of the fastest expert-level downhill racers in Southern California. Kevin was working for Mountain Bike Action for the last few months, after working for year as a mechanical engineer,  but he was recently called back […]

Photo of the Day: The Red-Jerseyed Racer at Fontana

 Look closely. Our first impression was that this was Todd Wells, in his classic red Specialized jersey, but this guy’s riding a Trek bike. Who is it? You tell us. Go to the Mountain Bike Action Facebook page and identify him in the Comments section for this photo if you can name the rider.  Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action