Bentonville Bike Fest: Day 1 Recap

A bike event for all to enjoy

Carson Storch and Mike “Hucker” Clark showing some style for the fans

Some of you may be unaware of what Bentonville, Arkansas, has to offer for mountain biking. We will be honest in saying that we had no clue how awesome it really was until our visit to the Bentonville Bike Festival. The town is best known as the birthplace of the retailer Walmart. There is even the Walmart Museum downtown where the founder, Sam Walton, grew his original five-and-dime store. The family loves cycling and has taken it on to invest back into their community with an immense network of trails that are built into the surrounding area. On average there is now over 2-miles of new trails every week. We frequently heard locals say phrases like, “you’ll ride this trail once and next week there will be a new connector that wasn’t there before. It just keeps getting better and is an ideal place for riders looking to progress their skills.”

Laura Slavin leaps into her final run for the Supernola All American Race

The Founder & CEO of the event, Kenny Belaey was so excited to kick off the festival this week after what we have all faced with the pandemic.  The event is even free for all to come to check out the action. Walking up to the main area there are plenty of bikes to demo, pro athletes to meet/greet, multiple competitions, community discussion, and a live band. For the 1st day, we got to see top riders like Carson Storch, Mike “Hucker” Clark, and Dylan Stark show their style on the slopestyle jumps and even a quick race on the All American Trail just a few blocks away from the main event area. Although the first day was full of fun there is an entire weekend going to packed with more events. We’ve got more coverage and the inside scoop on new products coming up so make sure to follow along for live updates on our Facebook and Instagram stories.

Supernola All American Race Results


  1. Porsha Murdock – 1:04:23
  2. Laura Slavin – 1:08:41
  3. Xylena Hoppen – 1:11:17
  4. Zoe March – 1:11:23
  5. Leslie Reuter – 1:15:20
  6. Sharon Coleman – 1:15:85


  1. Grant Lampson – 0:58:60
  2. Barry Nobles – 0:59:01
  3. Jared Calhoun – 0:59:94
  4. Austin Johnston – 1:00:50
  5. Michael Rogan – 1:00:88
  6. Garrett Hubbard – 1:01:35




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