Best Bike Hacks: Easy Grip Installation

Every bike shop mechanic has a secret sauce to install handlebar grips—some swear by WD-40, some claim rubbing alcohol is the trick and some declare clear-coat spray paint is the ultimate solution.

The problem with using a fluid to install grips is the varying dry time for each liquid to evaporate before you’re able to go riding.

Using a few zip-ties, you can quickly and easily install ready-to-use grips in just moments—no drying time necessary.

Best Bike Hacks: How to Install Grips


Step 1: Grab your grip and 8-10 zip-ties (“zap straps” if you’re in Canada).

Step 2: Slide the zip-ties inside the grip.


Step 3: Insert your finger into the grip—evenly distribute the zip-ties around your finger.


Step 4: Slip the grip over the handlebar—the plastic zip-ties will help the grip easily slide on.


Step 5: Push the grip to the end of the handlebar.

Step 6: Remove the zip-ties. Use pliers if needed.

Step 7: Enjoy a firmly installed grip—and go shred without delay!

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