Best Bike Hacks: How to Make a Double Front Fender

Two-time Enduro World Series champion Richie Rude uses a clever double-fender setup that helps shield his vision from mud splatter created by the front tire—here’s how to make your own:

How to Make a Double Front Fender:

Supplies needed

• Two (2) standard front fenders

• Four (4) zip ties


• Awl

• Needle nose, side-cutting pliers

Step 1: Place one fender atop the other fender—be sure the fenders are facing opposite directions—so the outside mounting holes are aligned.

Step 2: With the top fender’s mounting holes as the template, use the awl to mark new mounting holes for the bottom fender.

Step 3: Using the awl, punch holes in the bottom fender where you marked the new mounting locations.

Step 4: Push the tip of the needle nose pliers into the new holes—make sure to create just enough room for a zip tie.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 on all four new mounting hole locations.

Step 6: Place the fenders together (aligned like in Step 1) and put the four zip ties in the new mounting holes.

Step 7: Slide the double-fender setup into position under the fork brace.

Step 8: Tighten the four zip ties.

Step 9: Using the pliers, cut the excess from the zip ties.

Step 10: Enjoy clear vision for the rest of your rides, using your new double-fender setup.

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