Mountain Bike Action Bike Hacks: Trim Zip Ties Without Cutters

Trim Zip Ties Without Cutters

Most mountain bikers carry a minimalist tool kit—a multi-tool, mini pump, spare tube and a couple zip ties will get you out of a lot of predicaments.

Next time you’re on the trail and need to perform a mid-ride repair that requires a zip tie, use this handy tip to trim the excess plastic:

Step 1: Got a loose cable? Identify the area to repair.

Step 2: Apply zip tie.

Step 3: Pull zip tie tight.

 Step 4: Extend two Allen/Torx bits from your multi-tool—slide excess zip tie between extended Allen/Torx bits.

Step 5: Twist multi-tool—clockwise or counter-clockwise,

Step 6: Continue twisting multi-tool until excess zip tie tears off.


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