Brian Skinner has returned to his roots as a Southern California mountain bike race promoter. The sport’s pioneers will remember the Notoma National, Mission Impossible and the Summit GP–some may even recall the infamous Stink Bug GP, won by an unknown John Tomac. The themes that were expressed throughout all of Skinner’s events were simplicity and a party atmosphere. Now, the man is back–and he plans to pick up where he left off 15 years ago.

Big Horse Racing is the name of Brian’s new company. To launch his effort, he threw a big party for beginner and sports racers at the Big Bear NORBA national. In the future, Skinner will follow the national circuit where he will stage a variety of events: live bands, barbeques, treasure hunts and, in a more practical sense, the tent will afford privateers a quiet place to get out of the weather and relax between events.

?I saw a need when I was at the Sea Otter.? Brian said, ?I looked at the pro pits and everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves by their trucks and box vans. And then on the other side, there were all these guys that were parked off in the distance or camping. I wanted to do something for the beginners and sport riders–amateurs, I guess–who show up, pay full pop, and are then abandoned by the promoters.?

?Tom Spiegel [Team Big Bear promoter] believed in my concept,? Brian continued, ?and helped get the ball rolling by donating the space for the Team Big Horse tent in their National expo area.?

Brian is presently launching a Big Horse web page, and until then, e-mail his sponsors:,, and–or look for the bright-orange, bigger-than-life, Big Horse 4×4 Ford Van–with a big guy driving it.


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