Bike Buying Tips From Hans Rey

How to Buy the Right Bike


Our friend Hans Rey, who is one of the most experienced mountain bikers in the world shares his bike buying tips with us just in time for Christmas. Take a look👀

-“Find out what you really want and what you really need,” says Hans.

-“Get the right size frame according to your height. Persons taller than 6-foot-4 should seriously consider a 29-inch bike, while short people should consider smaller wheels.

-“If you ride fire roads and smooth trails, a hardtail might do the job. Personally, I would prefer plus-size tires on a hardtail; the big tires will act like suspension and will take the edge off.

-If you like downhill trails or ride rough and technical terrain, there is no other option than full suspension in my opinion; 130 to 160mm is a good choice of travel.

Hans Rey doing what he does best. Photo by Samuel Confortola/Crestello 3000

“Don’t just buy a bike because you like the price tag or color. Make sure it’s the right bike for you.”

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