Pro Tips: Thomas Frischknecht

Thomas Frischknecht. Photo by Jochen Haar

Build-in variety as much as possible and use the seasons to not do the same thing all over again. In the winter, when days are colder and shorter, alternative training, such as cyclocross, skiing, running or swimming is key to keeping it fun. Indoor training like Zwift is also a great way to get good exercise yet have fun doing it. And specific gym training helps, too, to build up for a new season. When springtime and summer come around, there is enough time to spend hours in the saddle.

Bonus Tip: How To Eat Like A Pro By Thomas Frischknecht

“I used to eat mountains of pasta the day before the race. Also in the morning, I was filling up my stomach with a huge breakfast—bread, muesli, etc. The reason we did it that way in this generation was the racing time was a minimum of 2 1/2 hours.

Nino Schurter today eats regular the day before. Some carbs and protein, such as potatoes and chicken. On race day it’s a light breakfast and, three hours prior, plain white rice. For a 90-minute race, this is plenty.


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