Brice Shirbach Rides Some Of The World’s Best Trails

Brice Shirbach Shares His Experience On The World’s Best Trails 

By Pivot Cycles

The Sight Unseen series captures Pivot Cycles‘ athlete Brice Shirbach’s passion for riding blind, with stunning “one take” edits from Colorado’s Front Range. Any first run on a trail – let alone the first run at top speed – brings the rider closer to flow state: feeling the trail, reacting, connecting with honed intuition, the senses sharpened by the vulnerability of unknown turns. The first edit in the series, “Sight Unseen: Boulder”, reveals a rowdy corner of the Rockies, hidden in urban Boulder’s backyard.

“With the “Sight Unseen” concept, we’re really leaning into Brice’s strengths as an explorer”, says Pivot Athlete Coordinator Rachel Wehn.  “He does an amazing job leading his audience through an experience.” Brice and his filmers set an ambitious goal to tell the story of an all-out first attempt, which often brings the adrenaline rush and peak experiences that so many of riders seek on their mountain bikes.

imgBrice’s Trail 429

Brice and Pivot will continue to travel to more destinations and tackle new trails, “Sight Unseen”.  Next stop: Durango Colorado.

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