B’s Buzz: Bikes In The Future

Bikes in the future


As I tossed my leg over a newly built Norco Revolver complete with SRAM’s AXS drivetrain and a wireless RockShox dropper post, I wondered, “What will they think of next?” Bicycle technology is an interesting thing, but I believe its rate of development will greatly increase with the latest wave of electronics. Just think back to the early years of cell phones with a black-and-white screen. Today, cell phones have the power to video chat with a client in Tokyo while you’re sipping a morning coffee on the beach in California. Only time will tell what new things are coming to the cycling world.


Systems like SRAM’s wireless AXS drivetrains and Fox Shox’s Live Valve suspension will become more affordable as technology evolves, making these technologies available to many riders. I see a future where midlevel bikes feature advanced systems currently reserved for top-tier price points.


It’s not just electric-assist bikes that will benefit from battery technologies. We currently have…

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