B’s Buzz: Bikes In The Future


battery-powered drivetrains, suspension components and dropper posts, all of which will just become more reliable and more accessible as time rolls on.


Bikes such as the all-new Epic come ready to go with a power meter built into the crankset. What’s next? A cycling computer integrated into the cockpit? We may see a day when bikes have a dashboard filled with all the same metrics an aftermarket cycling computer currently offers. There may be a day when your stem or handlebar has a touchscreen function that allows you to scroll through your ride data. It’s possible our bikes may even have a tiny bottom-bracket-sized motor that offers minimal assist at the push of a button.


With technology moving ever so quickly, I see a group of riders unwilling to accept what’s new and who will demand “old-school” tech. These will be the riders who believe batteries and display screens have no business on their bicycles. Many of these riders will find themselves hunting down cable drivetrains and older frames with internal cable routing, claiming that cables are still the best solution. Some riders may even find pure bliss removing all electronic technologies from their bikes to feel at one with nature again.


Advancements will likely lead to cross-country bikes with the ability to descend like downhill bikes, and downhill bikes that climb like lightweight XC rigs. Across the board, bikes will be better and more capable than ever thought possible. From increased suspension performance to stronger brakes and lighter-weight frames and component materials, bikes of the future will be impressive.

The future of bicycles is being created now by all the hardworking engineers and designers within the cycling industry. We owe a big thank you to all the men and women who passionately work day in and day out to make our time on a bicycle so much fun. So, until our bikes of the future arrive, let’s enjoy what we have today, making the best of the bikes we know and love.

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