B’s Buzz: My Top-Three Favorite Places To Ride

My top-three favorite places to ride

While stuck in quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus, I found myself daydreaming, like many of you, about riding my mountain bike. During this time, my neighborhood laps have been enough to keep me sane, but I simply need more. I need a singletrack trail, fellow riders to high five and a feeling of being surrounded by the great outdoors. Stuck inside, I found my mind wandering off to fantasy land, replaying in vivid detail my favorite places around the world to ride a mountain bike. These are the places that combine a passionate cycling culture with an excellent off-the-bike atmosphere. These three locations are my favorite places to ride.

Park City, Utah

Not far from my California home base is a place with an unmatched commitment to cycling. Park City is a premier location for every type of cyclist—from downhill junkies to spandex wearing roadies. Multiple bike parks, backcountry adventures and a new Woodward facility give riders enough room to roam all season long—until the town is turned into a snowy wonderland. Once you’ve had your fix ripping down the ski slopes or working up a sweat pedaling large mountain passes, you’ll find Main Street an excellent spot to grab a post-ride drink and satisfying dinner. You’re more than likely to mingle with other cyclists and share your adventures experienced that day. Riders looking to explore a small mining town with a new upscale feel will find Park City, Utah, is an amazing vacation destination.

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