B’s Buzz: Riding On The Edge


an excellent place for practicing balance. Simply see how far you can ride a painted line or curb before veering off course. Practicing your balance in a safe way may just save you when you’re forced to maintain the perfect balance on the trail.


If you choose to ride a more difficult trail with a cliff-side view, make sure you fully commit. You need to believe you have the skills to conquer the trail ahead of you and never second-guess yourself. If you want to achieve, you must first believe.

Riding scary singletrack or learning how to overcome a new trail obstacle is what makes mountain biking exciting for me. I imagine the feeling you get when learning a new skill is just as exciting for you, but make sure to always go after your new goals in the safest way possible and learn from riders better than yourself. With hard work, practice and patience, you just might be surprised how far you’ve come weeks, months, or years from now.

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