The future of tubeless setups


Tubeless setups have given riders some peace of mind in the battle against the dreaded pinch flat; however, setting up your wheels and tires to be tubeless can be a headache. Effetto Mariposa, an Italian company, wanted to come up with a way to set up rims and tires without having to worry about carefully placed rim tape that could tear or lose its adhesiveness over time; thus, Caffélatex tubeless strips were born.

Tech features:

Caffélatex tubeless strips come in a wide variety of widths and diameters, and offer a number of advantages over traditional tubeless tape. The strips come in small, medium and large widths, ranging from 20 to 34 millimeters, and are compatible with 26-, 27.5-, and 29-inch rims. You’re almost guaranteed to find the right size. Caffélatex tubeless strips are puncture resistant, easy to install, and are claimed to make just about any tubeless tire and standard mountain bike wheel tubeless-ready. Size-small strips are $35; mediums are $38 and larges are $40. Caffélatex sealant is $6 for a 60-milliliter pack, $12 for a 250-milliliter bottle and $30 for a 1000-milliliter bottle.

Field test results:

Installing the Caffélatex tubeless strips was a piece of cake, and the different widths made for a perfect fit. The packaging comes with two strips, two valve stems and two red-anodized stem caps. We were quite surprised by the strength of these strips. We could poke them with a screwdriver without puncturing or tearing them. The tubeless strips fit snugly around the rims. We used the recommend 60 milliliters (roughly 2 ounces) for each tire. Beading the tire to the rim was a cinch after that. People currently riding pre-taped rims will find they may not need this product, but for those having trouble with their current setup or looking for an easier way to go tubeless, look no further than Caffélatex tubeless strips.


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