Camping Out On the Trail? Make the Most of Your Smartphone

Camping Out on the Trail? Make the Most of Your Smartphone

With all the pressures of modern life, getting on a mountain bike and camping out is a great way to relax. However, after cooking up a meal, the long evenings can seem to drag on in the wilderness. That’s where your smartphone can ride to the rescue. The downloading of everything from a multitude of apps to mobile-friendly websites can give you plenty to do.

Check Your Activity on a Fitness App

Cycling is an excellent way of keeping fit, and downloading Strava is a neat idea. This app helps you track your fitness activity by recording your biking routes such as a popular mountain bike trail. You can then analyze your speed, directions, and your heart rate if you have a chest strap.

This simple to use app can track the distance you travel, the elevation gained and show how many calories you have burned. It’s all-important and interesting information to go through while relaxing at camp – and you can even compare your performance to previous Strava users who have been on the same route.

Time for Some Mayhem

A massive collection of apps swiftly followed the arrival of the smartphone. These can be downloaded onto your cell and can do just about everything under the sun. There’s no chance of you getting bored while camping if you start downloading the new apps to enjoy.

There are several cycling-related games to download. One top game you will have great fun playing is ‘Bike Mayhem.’ This allows you to take part in not just timed races but freestyle trick events, too. There are 19 different mountains available plus over 100 trails. As you play the game, there’s the chance to unlock items of gear, allowing you to become quicker and stronger.

Another recommended game is MTB Downhill: Multiplayer and is ideal if there are a few of you in camp. You’ll be cycling in all kinds of weather, something you are probably already used to. There are over 20 maps available, and the action takes place both during the day and night.

Keep Up with News and Sport

While you are at your campsite, you may want to keep up to speed with the day’s news and sport. Just because you’re in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t mean you must stay completely out of touch with the real world.

With modern smartphones, you can stream the latest news and, if you have a sports a subscription like ESPN Player, watch the big sporting action live as well. If you don’t have a subscription, some online sportsbook sites stream games for free, although you will likely need to be an existing customer.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

It used to be that a cell was used to make phone calls. There you would be at your camp and, at some point, you would use your phone to make a call to a loved one. The arrival of the smartphone has changed all of this. Now they can be used for one task after another. There are plenty of ways to use your smartphone to entertain yourself, but these are some essential items that can be downloaded too.

When going out riding on your mountain bike, the last thing you want to do is get lost on trail. Time is supposed to be spent enjoying yourself, not trying to work out where you are. To prevent this from happening, get your hands on a GPS. This essential item will tell you just where you are and how to get to your destination in the quickest time.

Another item that you can acquire for your smartphone is an online notes app. This can be used to plan your camping trip. If there are certain places that you want to visit on your trip, you can use this to keep a note of just what you want to do each day. During your break, you can also make notes and then automatically email them to yourself to review later.

You can see, therefore, that a smartphone can quickly become your best friend when going on a trail trip. It can help you avoid getting lost and track your fitness. Then, when you want to relax and have some fun in camp, you can either be playing games or following the big sports action.

Of course, if you’ve had a particularly arduous day in the saddle, you might be so tired that you fall into a deep sleep the moment you set up camp!

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