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this low-emission vehicle merges the best parts of cars and e-bikes into one to make it the ultimate daily commuter. It’s fast and stable enough to fly down the open road, yet light and agile enough to slide into the bike lane when things get backed up. The next step in mobility is here.

* Based on a McKinsey study of micro-mobility

Capsule concept

How do you bring total weather protection to an e-bike? This is the question our designers and engineers had to answer with the Future Mobility Concept. The solution is a totally-sealable passenger compartment surrounded by an innovative, panoramic capsule that strikes the perfect blend of form and function.

When not sealed to protect against the elements, the capsule can be slid forward along two rails to open the cockpit up. This ‘open mode’ is great when the weather is hot or if the rider wants that fresh-breeze feeling that comes with driving a convertible. The capsule even has enough space behind the rider to seat a child, load luggage or pack up groceries for the ride home. The capsule can then be slid even further forward for easy entry and exit of the vehicle.


Simple. Precise. Dynamic. Those three maxims have dictated the award-winning Canyon design language for years and now they have manifested in our new Future Mobility Concept. The futuristic aesthetic of the concept blends modern bike and automobile design, while the clean, reduced silhouette further communicates the lightweight and aerodynamic build of the vehicle.

Ultimately, the design evokes the idea of urban simplicity and a newer, better way of navigating the city – just like the new Precede: ON e-bike. Together, they represent a unified design for a more mobile future.


Similar to a recumbent bicycle, the concept places the rider in a comfortable laid-back position with their feet on the pedals. The concept is maneuvered using intuitive side stick steering where two joysticks positioned by the rider’s left and right hips turn the vehicle through its acute, 7-meter turning radius. The result is a comfortable and agile system that makes commuting safe and simple all while keeping the rider protected from the elements.

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