Canyon Bicycles Team Riders First Impressions Riding The Sender CFR

Riding The Canyon Sender CFR


By Canyon Bicycles

It’s one thing to release a beautiful looking downhill bike, but it’s another thing to hear what exactly our pro riders think.

Sender CFR FMD

We know that on paper the new Sender CFR has an abundance of new features, making it one of the best bikes for adjustability, but just saying how good something is, in theory, is not enough. So, after months of testing different setups on the new Sender before launch, we caught up with our riders to find out what their favorite feature was on the new rig.

      Sender CFR FMD   Sender CFR FMD


Sender CFR FMD

     Sender CFR FMD  Sender CFR FMD

Spoiler alert: They all loved how easy it was to go fast!

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