Canyon's new cross-country bike has a few tricks up its sleeve.



Canyon’s Lux Trail has undergone a comprehensive redesign to elevate its cross country bike performance to new heights. Featuring 120mm of front travel and 115mm of rear travel, it was made for achieving maximum speed over extended distances. While it shares its heritage with the race-proven Lux World Cup, the Lux Trail sets itself apart by taking its performance beyond competitive racing.

Key enhancements encompass updated kinematics, rear suspension design, and geometry improvements, enabling the Lux Trail to excel in both climbing and tackling technical descents. Plus, the bike now offers integrated tool storage solutions. These include a conveniently located mini-tool beneath the top tube for swift fixes and flat tire repairs, a secure CO2 canister placement inside the downtube storage cover, and tire plugs thoughtfully positioned in the bar ends. For more extensive repair requirements, riders have the option to acquire the Canyon LOAD Pouch, which can be easily attached to the downtube as an optional accessory. Explore the Lux Trail for a new level of XC biking excellence. For more details check out Canyon’s press release below



Born from an unrelenting need to push our limits, the brand new LUX TRAIL redefines what can be done on an XC bike. Speed is at the heart of the Lux Trail, but we wanted that speed to last all day long and give riders the confidence to push their limits on rough and demanding endurance trails. To make all-day speed a reality, we’ve completely redesigned the LUX TRAIL to make it an ultra-capable XC bike that’s incredibly light, exceptionally fast, and cleverly equipped with all that riders need to claim KOMs on Strava and FKTs.

Maximum speed over maximum distances can only be achieved on a bike that’s been designed for the most demanding riders. To make this bike as quick as possible, we’ve used a lightweight carbon frame combined with highly efficient suspension and geometry, while the integrated storage system gives riders all they need to keep their ride going. Blazing fast on the climbs and always in control on the descents, this is a performance bike made fun.

What’s new? The LUX TRAIL is a completely new bike that’s been entirely redesigned from the bottom up. It shares DNA with the race-proven LUX WORLD CUp, but while that bike is all about chasing wins between the tape, the LUX TRAIL is made for chasing records beyond the tape. On paper, the LUX TRAIL is a 120 mm 29er with 115 mm of rear suspension, but when clipped in, those numbers feel completely different. Teaming up those stats with the bike’s new kinematics and rear suspension design, there’s instant responsiveness on the climbs and levels of control and maneuverability on the descents that give riders the confidence to choose the faster line.

There are so many highlights on the new LUX TRAIL, and the new frame is one of the best. Available in carbon only, these frames come with an integrated two-stage repair system that gets you back riding as quickly as possible after a puncture or crash.

Integrated by design

Clean lines and an integrated design give the LUX TRAIL a sophisticated look. Straight lines run from the rear hub to the stem and from the saddle to the bottom bracket, creating an elegant silhouette. Smooth edges, clever integrations, and obsessing over the tiniest details have created a bike with a harmonious style. This clean design is finished with classic artwork that lets the beauty of the frame speak for itself.

All-day geo

The LUX TRAIL’s geometry is central to the bike’s efficiency and capabilities as it pushes for the most comfortable and fatigue-reducing ride possible. A steep seat tube holds the rider in a powerful position to attack climbs, while the slack head angle puts them in full control for tackling technical descents. This is the geometry sweet spot for all-day XC riding.

Making the seat tube angle steeper by 1.5° to 76° puts the rider in a more upright position that helps make long rides more comfortable. This steep seat tube also puts the rider in a more efficient position above the bottom bracket, which helps improve the power transfer from the pedals to the trail. Having the rider’s weight in the right place also helps to keep the front wheel planted on climbs. Slackening the head angle by 0.5° to 67° is all about control at high speeds and on steep downhill descents.

Adjustable performance suspension

To be in total control, you need incredible traction. The completely redesigned single-pivot suspension is now similar to the LUX WORLD CUP, but we’ve added a hanging rocker that improves small bump sensitivity. This is the key to the LUX TRAIL’s kinematics and makes it feel like a bike with much more rear travel. At the beginning of the stroke, the suspension is highly sensitive and smooth. In the mid-stroke, it becomes very reactive and remains very reactive and supple right through to the end. With a size-specific shock tuning for sizes XS to M and for L and XL, the LUX TRAIL delivers performance for everyone.

Find the right suspension mode in every situation by quickly changing the 3-position adjustable fork and shock. The handlebar-mounted control changes the suspension mode of both the fork and shock at the same time. Open Mode fully opens the suspension for maximum traction and control on descents with well-defined suppleness. Pedal Mode makes the shock firmer, holding it high in its travel – ideal for climbing with reduced pedal bobbing and squatting. Locked means locked. This mode is the most efficient for power transfer on sprints and climbs on paved tracks.



Quick fixes
Accidents can happen, and if you’re riding the LUX TRAIL on an endurance trail far away from everything, you need to pack the essentials that will get you back riding again. The LUX TRAIL’s two-stage repair plan holds all you need to get going again within the frame, so you can leave the hip pack at home.

Stage 1 is for quick fixes and punctures. The mini-tool, stored in the underside of the top tube, lets you adjust your setup on the fly, while the tire plugs in the bar ends and CO2 cartridge from the holder in the downtube storage fixes flats in a flash.

Stage 2 is for bigger jobs. The CANYON LOAD TOOL POUCH, which is kept in the downtube storage, can be filled with extra CO2 cartridges, levers, tubes, and whatever else you think you’ll need. Parts are sold separately.

Pure Carbon. Pure Speed.

The LUX TRAIL is built for speed—pure and simple … and it all starts with its cutting-edge, carbon-fiber frame. Tipping the scales at just 2,127 grams/4.7 pounds, the all-new LUX TRAIL’s chassis bears zero fat. But it’s more than merely lightweight. The LUX TRAIL boasts peerless pedaling efficiency, yet is rugged enough to thrive on high-speed, rugged trails.

The LUX TRAIL is also fully equipped for long, hard-charging days in the saddle. Accordingly, the LUX TRAIL’s carbon frame boasts ample internal storage to carry all the essentials (CO2 cartridges, tools, etc.) without you having to strap those same essentials to yourself.

Sleek, capable, and trail-tough … the new LUX TRAIL sets the bar for what it means to travel light and fast.

Lightweight performance

Every gram matters on XC rides. In size Medium, the LUX TRAIL CFR weighs 2,005 g, and LUX TRAIL CF weighs 2,127 g. These numbers are outstanding, especially when you consider the internal frame storage features and rear linkage. These numbers also make the LUX TRAIL one of the lightest in its category, and speaking of categories, the LUX TRAIL meets Category 3 testing standards – that’s the same as our NEURON. Every non-essential gram is gone – we’ve removed a rear pivot and bearings without compromising on performance.

Raw Frame CF (FT, RT & Storage Lid) 1692,8
Artwork P01 60
Rocker 74,2
Shock Extension 38,9
Hardware and small parts according to DIN 194,5
Seat Clamp SC0001-01 20
CS-Protector 21
Shock w. Remote (FOX Factory) 380,4
Shock w. Remote (RockShox) 380,4
Quixle UDH 55
Chain Guide 3,6
Chain Guide Screw 4,2

Long-lasting reliability
To get all this lightweight performance, you have to sacrifice reliability, right? Not with the LUX TRAIL. To claim a FKT on an epic endurance ride, riders need a bike that’s going to hold up to the extreme demands. The LUX TRAIL’s suspension has been designed with a hanging rocker that puts less stress on bearings and pivots. Less stress means more rides.

Who’s it for?
As an extremely capable XC bike, the LUX TRAIL sits above the LUX WORLD CUP in terms of travel and weight, but it’s not as aggressive on the downhills as the NEURON or SPECTRAL 125.

The LUX WORLD CUP is a pure race XC bike whose sole focus is winning races at an elite level. With 100 mm front and rear suspension compared to the LUX TRAIL’s 120 mm front and 115 mm rear, it’s been designed for professional XCO riders. The LUX TRAIL is for riders who race beyond the tape on endurance trails that need more travel and a beefier fork.

The NEURON is our trail bike for riders who want the ultimate all-rounder to ride all sorts of trails. From lapping your favorites at the trail center and setting off on adventures, riders choose the NEURON for its 140 mm of travel and ability to take on steeper terrain.

The SPECTRAL 125 is designed to turn the trail into a playground. This short travel, aggressive trail bike has 140 mm front suspension and 125 mm rear suspension with a slack geometry that’s perfect for side hits, boosting jumps, and finding your own line.



Details make the difference
When designing a lightweight performance bike, every added detail needs to be essential and brilliantly executed. All of the LUX TRAIL’s details have been designed to keep riders riding for longer, and when things do go wrong, the details help them get back riding quicker.

It doesn’t matter what bike you’re riding; if you’re not hydrated, then you’re not performing at your best. In all sizes, the LUX TRAIL holds two water bottles inside the frame, letting riders leave the cumbersome hydration pack at home on long-distance rides. Protecting the LUX TRAIL frame is key to the longevity and reliability of the bike. Our IMPACT PROTECTION UNIT (IPU) prevents the handlebars from over-rotating during a crash and damaging the top tube. The built-in downtube protection defends the frame from nasty bashes from rocks, and the lightweight chainguide keeps everything where it should be when speeding across rough terrain. And when things do unfortunately go wrong, the tool-free QUIXLE lets riders quickly remove the bike’s wheels to fix a flat in record time.


Canyon USA will have four Lux Trail models: CF 9, CF 8, CF 7, and later (spring ’24) the CF 6.




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