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Gravity action continued at Schweitzer Mountain Resort this afternoon with the mountain cross finals. Securing a win in the women’s category was Jill Kintner (Murrieta, Calif.), as Eric Carter (Temecula,Calif.) was victorious in the men’s competition. The first turn in the brand new course proved to be crucial, as it was very often the first person out of that turn that crossed the finish line first. The dangerous curve also claimed a few victims. Brian Lopes (Murietta, Calif.) got tangled up there in the quarterfinals putting him out of contention for the win.

In the men’s competition, the final four left standing were Nathan Rennie (AUS), Eric Carter, Ross Milan (Lakewood, Colo.), and Rich Houseman (Pasadena, Calif.). Carter led the group out of the first turn and used that position to his advantage, staying in front for the rest of the way down the course. Rennie was second, with Houseman and Milan in third and fourth. The consolation run was a tight race for the last spot on the podium, with Jared Graves (AUS) coming out on top to claim fifth place.

There were many vantage points for spectators around the mountain cross course.Jill Kintner continued her dominance of the NORBA mountain cross series today by turning her top qualifying run into a solid race win. Kathy Pruitt (Lake Almanor, Calif.) and Marla Streb (Los Osos, Calif.) were both eliminated in the semifinals, leaving Kitner lined up in the gate with Leana Gerrard (Sumner, Wash.), Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Ariz.), and Michelle Dumaresque (CAN). Kintner took the lead right at the gun as she often does, and flew through the first turn staking her claim on the course. Buhl followed in second, with Dumaresque and Gerrard in third and fourth respectively.

The consolation round was aggressive as seasoned pros line up at the gate, but it was Tara Llanes (Los Alamitos, Calif.) who took the final podium spot over Pruitt, Streb, and April Lawyer (Murietta, Calif.)

Women’s Results
Jill Kintner (Murrieta, Calif.)
Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Ariz.)
Michelle Dumaresque (CAN)
Leana Gerrard (Sumner, Wash.)
Tara Llanes (Los Alamitos, Calif.)

Tara Llanes won the consolation round for fifth place on the podium.Men’s

Eric Carter (Temecula, Calif.)
Nathan Rennie (AUS)
Rich Houseman (Pasadena, Calif.)
Ross Milan (Lakewood, Colo.)
Jared Graves (AUS)

Super D action was also a highlight of the day, as riders started at the top of the mountain, and rode mostly downhill with a few climbs and no technical sections. Two pro women contested the event, with Sobe Cannondale’s Amy Hunter-Dillinger in first, followed by Velo Bella’s Allie Rau. The men’s pro race was won by Amon Pease in only 18:10.9. Billy Holmes followed in second, with Kyle Ebbett in third, and Michael Valach and Nathan Hoch in fourth and fifth respectively. Team Big Bear’s own Tom Spiegel decided to come out of retirement this afternoon and give the Super D a try. Spiegel placed second in his age category behind Joe Fabris.


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