Q. What’s better for my chain? Dry lube like White Lightning or a wet lube? I used White Lightning at Sea Otter and it just seemed to cake-on and develop a white waxy film on the chain. I have another race this weekend in Santa Ynez and would like to try a better lube on my chain that doesn’t collect dirt — any ideas on wet lubes or anything else?  
RC: Use a wet lube. Apply it carefully into the inside of the links and then work the lubricant into the chain by slowly spinning the cranks. Wipe off the excess oil completely from the chain, derailleur and sprockets and go ride. The best study of bicycle chain friction and various lubricants showed that the actual brand or type of oil had minimal effect. Dirt, however caused a dramatic increase in friction, as did the use of small sprockets. Keep the chain clean and use a minimal amount of lubricant.

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