Recently I have developed a chain skipping issue. I had shifing problems before. New SRAM cassette, SRAM chain, and XT derailer. Also new shifter cable and housing. Under steep climbs and pressure the chain crunches and slips. Sounds awful. I am at a loss. Otherwise it shifts great. Help!!! By the way how can carbon fiber survive a crash? I thought is was strong one direction and not the other. Thanks and I love the mag. I call it Christmas when it shows up every month.

RC: try loosening the B-screw that contacts the derailleur hanger under the main derailleur pivot. Put your bike in the lowest gear (small ring and large cog) and loosen the screw until the upper pulley contacts and rubs on the cog–and then back it out until the noise stops. This will insure maximun chain overlap on the cogs and, hopefully, stop the skipping. If that doesn’t do it, borrow a wheel with a fresh cogset and see if it skips with different sprockets. We have had a few reports of problematic SRAM cassettes.  The Carbon pulley cage on SRAM’s mid-length X.O derailleur is a weak point–we’ve snapped three. One break, however, was caused by a short chain that simply ripped the cage off when a test rider shifted into the big ring/large-cog combination.

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