Close, but no collision

Luckily for me, Aaron avoided me and the rest of the crowd and kept going down the course. Aaron’s last second course correction, possibly combined with my jumping back at the last split-second, kept him and me from getting wiped out in a crash. Once he went past, I jumped back to the tape to get this last photo a second later. Aaron was coming down the course trying to win the World Championship downhill title, so you can imagine how fast he was going, when you remember that he’s been America’s fastest downhill racer for the last two years. I think this is the closest I ever came to getting hit while shooting a downhill race. I usually pray before I photograph big races that I won’t get hurt, and neither will the racers. It looks like my prayers might have really paid off this time, because from the looks of the four previous photos, there appeared to be no way Aaron could avoid hitting me and the other people who were standing next to me, shoulder to shoulder, at the speed he was going when he came off that jump. ?John Ker