Commencal Releases First Photos Of 2010 Models

Commencal Europe made its 2010 line public last month with a kickoff event in Andorra, offering fans a first look at models that will be available to European customers starting this fall. As expected, carbon fiber makes its way into some of the highest spec bikes in the range for the first time. 

The company is now hosting links to ?Spy Shots’ courtesy of their own website

The all-new carbon Meta 5 sheds the paint the prototype wore for its Sea Otter unveiling, in favor of a design that highlights visible carbon features.

Here in the U.S., Commencal still has a few surprises left in store for the 2010 season. According to Mike Raney, brand sales manager, Commencal will fully leverage its unique relationship with global parts distributor BTI and their joint suppliers this year. Huh? When pressed for an english translation, Raney gets cagey and clams up. There is a blanket of secrecy over the project. But if you listen to the conversations around the coffee maker at BTI, ?choice’ is the buzzword that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Some have speculated that we will see a US launch with multiple component levels for each bike. But there has to be more to keep Mike Raney this tight-lipped.  “It’s big” is the most anyone has been able to pry out of him. In fact, the complete rundown of US spec bikes will be kept under wraps until later this summer. Time (and Interbike) will most likely unravel the mystery for most of the rest of us.