Commencal Young Gun Howey: How the TEVA games went down from a newcomer’s perspective

Commencal Young Gun Brendan “Howey” gives us his report on the Teva Games, Vail Colorado’s Teva Mountain Games have always been a super fun Slope style event. It is an adventure and a half and all the big names as well as all the up and comers hit this great event .  I could not miss out on it! With my brand new commencal ” Absolute” I was itching to go and show it off and shred. My neighbors (who also ride) and I packed up their truck Thursday afternoon and left for Vail Colorado.

Practise started Saturday morning. We were cutting it very close but we were determined to make it on time. After seven hours of driving we made a pit stop in Spokane Washington to visit our friend Joe Perizzo and get some rest. But my neighbor Nick’s truck was not running so well, we weren’t even half way through our drive and taking his truck another 17 hours through the middle of nowhere was risky. We ended up renting a truck at Spokane airport.
It was a good call.

We decided to try and skip resting and leave Joe’s that night and keep going after all the problems. We drove all through the night and day and finally made it to Vail Colorado around 7:30 pm Friday night. We were so pooched, a drive that long really gets to you so we checked in to our hotel, took a peek at the course Kyle Ebbet had built and passed out right away.

Next morning after it was practice time.
I was so stoked and felt rested and was happy to be there. I could not believe how many riders were there, it was so much fun with everyone together and I felt really good on the course. The course was way more fun then last year because it wasn’t all just straight jumps. It had hips, berms, rollers and quarter pipe transfers, and I was able to trick everything and feel comfortable on all of it.

I think the judges were overwhelmed because they did not expect to have such a huge group of riders to judge, so getting into the finals was tricky. Unfortunately I didn’t make it even though I nailed both of my runs, along with about 17 other people. But the finals were rad , it got out of hand.

Greg Watts blew all our minds doing a 360 bar spin off a drop on a hefty slope style bike.
Paul Bas threw down a flawless technical run witch gave him the confidence to go for broke on his second run. He went for a front flip and landed on his back, and was somehow not injured.
What really threw me off is when Cameron Mccaul dropped in after this. He had never done a front flip in a contest before and when no one was expecting it, on the biggest jump on the course in the wind he sent one and cleaned it perfectly.

Over all the contest was amazing and the trip was well worth it. The way home after picking up Nick’s truck in Spokane at Joe’s house, we had some fun on his Honda 50 bike and rode his jumps in the yard and stayed a night there. The final stretch home was long but it always feels good to get back into Canada 😉 Now I am home and in two weeks I leave for France to ride in the Chatel Mountain Style Contest with my best buddies. I am so excited for that, and thanks for reading.

Brendan Howey

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