Commuting With Confidence




There are some things you might want to look into to help you get to work comfortably and able to carry all the stuff you need.

A set of panniers can help carry your stuff so it’s not on your back, making you sweat. You can put your laptop, your briefcase, a charger and other things you’ll need. Of course, a backpack will work fine. Bike racks are good for carrying stuff, too.

If your bike doesn’t already have fenders to protect you and your clothes from the elements, they are a good idea, and most bike shops can help you fit the right ones for your bike.

If your bike doesn’t have a bell, consider getting one, and/or a horn. A loud whistle can come in handy, if you’re capable. This is our favorite method, actually.

This might be a good reason to have a second charger for your bike and just leave it at your office.



If you can, plan ahead and keep an extra set of clothes and shoes at your workplace, because inevitably you’ll forget something. Nobody wants to show up to a meeting in a nice suit and cycling shoes.

As with all cycling or outdoor activities, dress in layers. It’s easy to take off/put on layers when needed, including a liner for your helmet, scarf or buff for your neck, gloves, jackets and whatever else you might need. Though some people think hi-vis jackets or vests look silly, they certainly help people see you. Jackets that are bright with 3M retro-reflective markings on them can help alert traffic to and around you. While the fluorescent gear is great at night, it’s still a good idea to use it during the day.

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