Crankworx 2018: Bryn Atkinson’s Custom Painted Norco Range

Painted by Tony Baumann

Bryn Atkinson’s new custom painted Norco Range demands attention everywhere it goes. The paint job alone took professional painter, Tony Baumann 80 hours to air brush every detail by hand. The bike is modeled after an Australia Red-Bellied Black snake, paying homage to Bryn’s Australian roots. Along with this eye-catching paint scheme, Bryn had custom graphics made for his fork featuring the classic Fox logo with a scaly tail. The component spec isn’t anything to bat an eye at either, but its frame takes the cake as its most stand-out feature. We have to wonder though if Bryn will be keen to get his new bike dirty or will he take out an old steed and hang this one on the wall. Only time will tell.


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