CrownCruiser Is Developing Some of the Coolest-Looking E-Bikes We’ve Seen

It doesn't look like a mountain bike, but it reminds us of some of the early monocoque carbon fiber mountain bikes of the 1990s

Sheffield, England: August 2021. For immediate release.

Back on July 12th, CrownCruiser made its hugely anticipated debut on Indiegogo. With its cool and uncanny mix of retro styling and ultra-sleek space-age curves, this machine doesn’t just look amazing; it literally breaks the mold. Nothing quite looks like it. CrownCruiser adds to its stunning appearance by packing a range of performance features and SMART technologies that make it unique and utterly irresistible.

Its advanced high-tech pedigree has been developed with input from experts in the aerospace, sustainable energy, and motorsports industries. Clearly evident in the bike’s aerodynamic styling and incredible strength.

Constructed around a lightweight, ultra-strong monocoque carbon fiber frame, riders can customize CrownCruiser’s elegance with a choice of color palettes and bespoke skins.

Equally at home on the daily commute, cruising the beach, or riding out off the beaten track, this adaptable, versatile ride comes with a rider recognition anti-theft defense, GSM location tracking, and Bluetooth, complemented by a powerful app that tracks riding statistics. It even has a gyro accelerometer sensor that can detect an impact or fall and will pin drop your location to your emergency contact.

CrownCruiser’s stylish good looks and high-tech specs are matched by its performance. Guaranteed to turn heads every step of its 100-mile range, CrownCruiser’s powerful brushless DC hub motor can deliver a maximum power output of 1000W and is available in two motor sizes.

The first of these is the pedal-assisted system (PAS) which can produce speeds up to 15.5mph at 250W. Alternatively, combine the PAS with the throttle, and the powerful 750W rear hub motor kicks in, allowing CrownCruiser to achieve speeds of up to 31mph.


Sales of e-bikes are skyrocketing, spurred on by governments’ cycling-friendly policies across the world and the impact of Covid 19. According to research by NPD Group and reported in the New York Times and Cycling Industry News, e-bike sales grew by 145% in the USA between 2019 and 2020.

The surge in popularity is being seen across Europe, too, with Cycling Industries Europe reporting e-bike sales are likely to hit 30 million by 2030. That’s twice the number of cars currently registered across the continent.

“Here at CrownCruiser Motors, we’ve blended distinct styling and the latest technology to create the ultimate expression of the cruiser bike. We’ve worked hard to create a bike that our design-conscious community can ride where they want, safely and in style – with minimum impact on the planet’s resources and their wallet”- says Adebola Adeleye – Founder of CrownCruiser Motors.

Technical specifications and BTS video links:
Powerful, brushless DC hub motor with a choice of either a 250W or 750W motor
Two speed modes: (PAS 15.5mph/ Throttle 31 mph)
36V/ 11.6 AH & 48V/ 14.5 AH Li-ion Battery
Max Power Output: 1000w
Max Riding Range: 100 miles at 15.5mph (PAS)

Frame: Monocoque Carbon Fiber Frame
Front Brake: Optional upgrade to 203mm Magura MT4 Estop
Rear Brake: 180mm rotor x 2.0mm
Headlight: CrownCruiser 2000 Lumen LED Headlight
Taillight: Seat clamp integrated taillight
Battery: Swappable 36V or 48V battery
Drive: Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Phone Charger: Integrated wireless phone charger
App: CrownCruiser App for iOS and Android
Warranty: 2 years Warranty on electronics, Lifetime Warranty on the Frame

Frame Color Options: Carbon Fiber, Yellow Carbon, Bubble Gum, Smokey Gray, Bad Ass Blue, Sunset Orange colors: Carbon Fiber, Yellow Carbon, Bubble Gum, Smokey Gray, Bad Ass Blue.

Tires: 26″ x 3” Front & Rear
Weight: 55 pounds / 25kg (with battery)

For more information contact
Taylor Mills
[email protected]

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