Devinci’s Mark Wallace Shreds The All-New Django 29er.

Sludge puddles, boulder-laden trail, root gardens, body swallowing berms—the trails of Vallee Bras du Nord, Quebec lies somewhere between a backcountry epic, Jurassic Park and a bike park. It’s unique, demanding and mountain biking territory in its most raw form. Yes, one could opt for a bike with more squish in these dense forests, say a Troy or Spartan, but is that even necessary? The new, big-wheeled Django 29 represents a formidable force in the “trail bike” category. Less travel and bigger wheels on terrain this tough? You bet. Don’t believe us? Sit back and let the riding of Mark Wallace in the VBN trail network influence your opinion, or at least cast some unchained riding over your eyes.

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