The real solution for lower back pain

Most riders have experienced back pain while riding at some point, if not regularly. Thankfully, you can find long-term relief by consistently implementing a core workout that strengthens your lower abs, mobilizes your hips and activates your glutes. We follow along with Derek Teel of Dialed Health as he demonstrates this short routine that can be used one to two times per week. We recommend visiting www.dialedhealth.com for full programs or guided videos that will continue your progression.



Complete the total reps of each exercise in the given order with minimal rest between movements.

Estimated time: 15 minutes


Five reps each side (slow)

Start with your back on the floor and your feet planted. Gently place your left ankle on top of your right knee. Drive through the heel of your right (planted) foot to move your hips toward the ceiling. Try to keep your hips level as you reach the top position. Lower your back towards the ground for a quick tap and repeat to complete your reps, then switch sides.


10 reps (1-second hold)

Stay on your back with your feet planted. Relax your stomach and notice the arch in your lower back (represented by my hand being able to slide underneath). This is an anterior pelvic tilt. The goal is to activate your lower abs to create a posterior pelvic tilt. To do this, drive your lower back into the floor by engaging your lower abdominals and letting your hips rotate. Then relax, allowing your lower back to lift back towards the ceiling. Repeat to complete your reps.


20 reps (alternate 10 each side)

First, do a posterior tilt to protect your spine. Then raise your left leg towards the ceiling and, if possible, lift your right leg off the ground to a hovering position (if you can’t straighten your leg completely, that’s okay). Reach towards your left leg with your right hand and then rotate to the other side. Your legs will switch at the same time your upper body rolls. Now reach your left hand towards your right foot and continue alternating these reps.


20 reps (1-second hold, alternate 10 each side)

Roll over onto your stomach and plant your elbows underneath your shoulders. Your feet should be about hip-width apart. Brace your core and press into the balls of your feet as you rise to a plank position. Once in control, raise your left leg off of the ground. Push hard into your planted foot to keep your hips level. Hold for 1 second at the top position and then lower back to the ground. Repeat on your right leg and continue these alternating reps.

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