Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Tag Metals T3 Nylon Pedals

Tag Metals T3 Nylon Pedals

Tag Metals was established in 1999 with a passion for motocross and quickly received recognition after working with legendary riders such as Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart—all athletes who made a major mark on their sport. After years of focusing on motocross products, Tag began wondering if its expertise and knowhow could transfer over to the mountain bike industry. Given the synergy between motocross racing and gravity mountain biking, it seemed like the perfect plan to expand the Tag name into a related market. Over the past three years, Tag has been working towards a complete line of mountain bike products and now offers handlebars, stems, pedals, dropper posts and more. This month we put Tag Metals’ nylon pedals to the test to see what innovations the moto company could bring to the cycling world.

Tech features:

For the longest time the sign of a quality pedal was the material it was made from, and while that’s still true today, we’ve seen numerous nylon pedals enter the market that are as competitive as their alloy counterparts. Quality nylon pedals tend to be half the price of alloy pedals and feature identical pedal pins. Tag offers aluminum pedals that retail for $139.99; however, in this test we focused on the $49.99 nylon pedals. The pedals feature ten 3mm-high pins per side attached to an engineered nylon thermoplastic. The pair weighs just 361 grams and features CNC-machined chromoly axles. The pedals also have DU bushings and sealed bearings. The platform of each pedal measures 110×100mm, making the pedals comparable in size to many others on the market. Four color options are offered, as well as differentcolored replaceable pins for a more unique look.

Field test results:

We tossed the pedals on to one of our test bikes and got to work. Our main test rider with size-10 shoes found the size of the pedals to be a happy medium. They weren’t so big that he felt like he would clip them on rocks, nor were they so small that he felt like a ballerina on tiptoe. The pins were placed well and provided traction when mated to our Michelin-soled Shimano shoes. Another perk of these pedals was their lighter weight, which mostly goes unnoticed unless you are the type of rider who loves to drop every possible gram from his bike. As for durability, these pedals held up, only showing minor scrapes and scratches after our thorough testing. All in all, Tag’s nylon pedals fit the bill for any flat-pedal rider looking for quality yet inexpensive pedals that not only look great but have decades of racing heritage behind them.




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