Down The Trail – Fondly Remembering MBA’s Past — Interbike 20 Years Ago

Down The Trail

Fondly Remembering MBA’s Past—Interbike 20 Years Ago

down_cover_97The Interbike trade show has long been the place for companies to unveil their newest bikes and products. Twenty years ago, rather than being held in the stale casino halls of Las Vegas, it was held in Anaheim, California. The atmosphere was basically the same, with manufacturers renting thousands of square feet to erect monuments to the newest technologies. When flipping through the two-decade-old book of slides containing our shots from the show, were reminded of a few of our favorite bikes.

down_3Pro Flex Pro-Active: The Pro Flex crew had been busy in the ’90s. Chief designer Bob Girvin was on hand to introduce the all-new Pro-Active bike. It looked awesome, and it was impressively lightweight for the time.

down_4Outland: The Outland dual-suspension bike was the very first virtual pivot-point (VPP) bike that we ever saw. A modified-version, dual-link rocker design is still used on many bikes today, although without the crazy front end this prototype sported.

down_1Klein’s Mantra Race: Gary Klein was proud to inform the MBA crew that his novel floating-drivetrain suspension bike had finally made it to production. The Mantra could be had as a frameset or a complete bike.

down_2Yeti Straight 6: John Parker had sold Yeti to Schwinn by 1996, but his influence was still alive and well. The turquoise-and-yellow Mert Lawwill-designed Straight 6 was among the fastest bikes of the time. Look at the size of that chainring!

down_5Robby Gordon’s Foes: Robby, the famous race-car driver, rode this custom-painted Foes. With Brent’s experience fabricating components for race cars, teaming up seemed like a natural choice. The two collaborated to build this amazing-looking machine.


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