Brian Lopes and Anne-Caroline Chausson took the victories in the finals of the World Cup Dual event in Leysin, Switzerland in the final weekend of August 2000, ending a remarkable year for both. For Lopes it was the seventh win in eight World Cup Dual events this year, and Lopes easily won the Dual title for the year. The final run for Lopes was as anticlimactic as the title decision. Newcomer Michael Deldycke crashed in the final, giving Lopes an easy and decisive win. Cedric Gracia beat Peter Joch in the consolation round, giving Cedric a third for the day (and a second overall for the year), while Joch ended up with a fourth for the day. World Champion Wade Bootes crashed out before making the final four, but he still ended up third overall for the year.

Anne-Carolines win was as unsurprising as the one by Lopes. Her first World Cup Dual race was at the second event of the year. Since then she has dominated this event as dramatically as she has the downhill. By the time Leysin rolled around, A-C had reportedly already clinched the title. Her win over Tara Llanes in the finals of the final event was icing on the cake. Moments earlier, Sari Jorgenson beat Lisa Sher in the consolation round, giving Sari a third for the day and Lisa a fourth.

1. Brian Lopes
2. Michael Deldycke
3. Cedric Gracia
4. Peter Joch

1. Anne-Caroline Chausson
2. Tara Llanes
3. Sari Jorgensen
4. Lisa Sher


Cedric Gracia and Anne-Caroline Chausson took the wins in the 2000 World Cup downhill finals in Leysin, Switzerland. It was a breakthrough win for Gracia, who last won a downhill World Cup in 1998. For Anne-Caroline, it was business as usual.

The event could not change the outcome of the World Cup downhill series title chases for 2000. The year-end titles had already been won by the almost unbeatable Nicolas Vouilloz (who reportedly had troubles on his final run starting at the top of the hill, leading to a second place finish for him here) and the equally untouchable Chausson.

With heavy rain on the morning of the downhill race, and more rain continuing throughout the day, the once fast and dusty 3.9 km course turned into one of the toughest descents of the season–a mudfest full of slick rocks, slippery roots and wet grass.

Anne-Carolines finals performance was especially remarkable, as the next closest woman in the race, Leigh Donovan, finished some 40 seconds slower than the flying French champion. After that, every other woman finished at least a minute further back than Chausson.

American men were shut out of any podium appearances. World champion Myles Rockwell did not finish his final run, having trouble on course during the race. And for those whove wondered what happened to Brian Lopes this year, the perennial downhill ace skipped the downhill events this year to concentrate on the dual-slalom style events (a choice that apparently paid off, given his success in that arena).

The UCI next moves around the shores of Lake Geneva for the cross-country finals the following weekend, where the Word Cup XC sereis will finish in the first week of September.

Downhill Final Results:
1. Cedric Gracia (FRA) in 6:08 min.
2. Nicolas Vouilloz (FRA) at 9:13 sec.
3. Mickael Pascal (FRA) at 9.83
4. Kristian Eriksson (SWE) at 12.32
5. Mickael Deldycke (FRA) at 20.13

Womens Downhill Results:
1. Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA) in 7:05
2. Leigh Donovan (USA) at 40.8 sec.
3. Celine Gros (FRA) at 1:00
4. Missy Giove (USA) at 1:07
5. Sabrina Jonnier (FRA) at 1:13


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